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ST-MAARTEN.COM is the largest website (by user traffic) covering St. Maarten/St. Martin and the neighboring islands. Please find below graphics displaying our site's traffic compared to others.

Our advertising rates are the lowest available for both print and online media, if you apply Cost Per One Thousand Contacts (CPM).

ST-MAARTEN.COM reaches over one million readers per year. Our rates must be higher than the ones for sites handling only a few thousand visitors annually (if that much). As publishers of a professional web portal, we spend money and effort to achieve our search engine position and to create the most valuable user traffic any advertiser could dream of: the first time visitor to SXM.

If you pay $250 to reach 10,000 readers, you might find this reasonable, while its actually expensive ($25 to reach 1,000). With ST-MAARTEN.COM, you would pay under $2,500 to reach 1 million readers - which is a tenth! (under $2.50 to reach 1000).

For all generic “St. Maarten” search terms on popular search engines, ST-MAARTEN.COM holds the number one position, generating about 70% of the Internet traffic for the island!

Audited and reliable statistics (by Google Analytics) about traffic to the site and traffic to an advertiser's segment are available on request at any time to clients.

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Other SXM Sites Compared to ST-MAARTEN.COM

semrush-logoThe graphics below have been created by, a service providing information about search engine traffic to web masters and marketing experts. Please visit the site to verify the validity of the images. These statistics are based on "Search Engine traffic" - the most valuable form of visitors to a site.

stmaarten-dot-com ilovesxm-dot-com stmaarten-dot-org
everythingsxm-dot-com lifestyle-caribbean-dot-com experience-dot-com
dailyherald-dot-com stmaarten-info-dot-com sxm-info-dot-com
travel-talk-online-dot-com orientbeach-dot-com vacationstmaarten-dot-com
mapsxm-dot-com sint-maarten-dot-net saint-martin-dot-com



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Ad-Package 1 - Web-Link Directory

A listing in our web-directory allows a description of up to 100 words and links directly to your website.


  • It will direct a modest amount of traffic to your site, but most importantly...
  • It will significantly improve your site's ranking with search engines.

4 images:    $34 per month (to be paid annually $400)


This is the minimum commitment needed to get a site recognized by search engines such as Google. They judge sites by how many others are linking to them. If the leading site of a search term (“St Maarten” in our case) is linking to you, this link will count many times more than the ones from obscure websites.

This modestly priced advertising package will steer a decent amount of traffic to your site (but not as much as our more sophisticated solutions). View sample below:


Directory Listing Options

Pay with BITCOIN!




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Ad-Package 2 – Banners

sample-sidebarAny of the packages below will bring a measurable traffic boost to your site. Banners are linked directly to your website and are hosted on the Google DoubleClick system, delivering precise statistics about banner performance. Banners will be displayed with preference in sections relevant to your business, and banners will also be displayed in rotation on all general pages, including the front page. This package INCLUDES “Ad-Package 1 – Web-Link-Directory”.


  • Significant traffic boost to your site.
  • With hundreds of thousands of banner impressions, this package has immense branding power.
  • All benefits from Ad-Package 

Ad-Package 2 – Sidebar Banner (160 pixel by 300 pixel)

$100 per month (to be paid annually $1,200)

View sample to the left.

Ad-Package 2 – Header Banner (728 pixel by 600 pixel)

This package INCLUDES the Skyscraper Banner! Header banners have in general a better Click Through Rate (CTR).

$133.33 monthly (to be paid annually $1,600)

If you don't have the creative at hand, ST-MAARTEN.COM can design banners for a flat fee of $100.




Banners are efficient, if they are well designed. Only by testing a design and observing the results can we tell if a banner works or not (sometimes the “ugly” designs have superior Click Through Rates!). We allow frequent updates and changes of creative and we encourage you to run several banner designs parallel for performance evaluation.

Banner Options
Payment Plan


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Ad-Package 3 – Content & Banners

screen_content-article_sampleYour business will get a complete page on ST-MAARTEN.COM, with a full article and a good selection of images – production cost is INCLUDED! You have the ability to install a print-out-coupon and four content updates per year are allowed. The content page will display a graphical link to your website. Throughout the navigation menu and the editorial content of ST-MAARTEN.COM, your content-page will be mentioned and linked to.

  • This package INCLUDES Ad-Package 1 - Web-Link Directory
  • This package INCLUDES Ad-Package 2 – Header AND/OR Side-Bar Banner


  • Maximum exposure and highest advertising efficiency per Dollar spend due to content integration.
  • Perceived by users as an endorsement of your business
  • All benefits from Ad-Package 1
  • All benefits from Ad-Package 2


  • $200 per month (to be paid annually $2,400) with Side-Bar Banner (160x300 pixel) only.
  • $267 per month (to be paid annually $3,200) with both Side-Bar Banner (160x300 pixel) PLUS Header Banner (728x468 pixel)

That's the package with the most bang for the buck! You are going to see an increase in business within days (depending on your industry, of course). Because we need our advertising services to be successful (in order o keep you as a happy client), we encourage you to tweak this package until the statistics show that your advertisement has hit the maximum results possible (don't worry: the Internet Marketing Consultant assigned to your account will guide you).

Content Package Options


Payment Plan for Package 3 - "Content - PLUS Banners"



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Ad-Package 4 – Content  (No Banners)

screen-shot_lord-sheffieldThat's the “light” version of Ad-Package 3: you get the content page with all benefits, but no banners. Production cost is included!  

  • This package INCLUDES Ad-Package 1 – Web-Link Directory



  • A very, very cost efficient package!
  • All benefits from Ad-Package 1
  • All benefits from Ad-Package 3

$105 per month (to be paid annually $1,250)

This package could be sufficient for you and in some cases serve you better than the similar priced banner ads. If you don't need the power of branding, but rather inform about your product, this might  be the way to go.


Payment Plan for Package 4 - "Content - No Banners"



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screen-shot_holland-houseEmbedded Mini-Website

Upgrade any Ad-Package “Content” to an Internet presence with several pages. Embedded into ST-MAARTEN.COM, your pages will have their own navigation menu and can lean in design on your corporate identity. For many business on SXM, a mini-website is perfectly adequate to promote their services online. The saving over creating your own website, cost for hosting and cost for promoting the site are significant.

$800 production cost – one time fee

Mini Website Production Fee -



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Custom Solutions

Being what they are – custom solutions -, they can't be listed here. But we still have a few tricks up our sleeves which we might be willing to share with the right partners...

  • You'd like to be on our site's front page? Let's talk.
  • You know that you should advertise with us, but your own web-site has been created during the Internet's stone-age and looks accordingly? Let's talk and we will find a way to help updating or re-designing your site.
  • You know that you should advertise with us, but you haven't even bothered to commission a site for your business yet... Now, that's a bit unusual in 2013, but its not too late to get a web presence designed now. We'd like to help.

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