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A Home in the Caribbean

Known for years as the Caribbean's most exciting vacation destination, the island has now been discovered by upscale real estate buyers and is fast developing into one of the world's most prestigious locations to own a residence.

There are several competent and reliable realtors on St Maarten/St Martin, but there is no conclusive Multiple Listing Service available to the buyer. Searching for that perfect piece of property in paradise is a time consuming journey through numerous real estate offices.

The Dutch side of the island - Sint Maarten - is leading the strong real estate market. Around the coast, new luxury developments are being constructed. There are new gated communities with waterfront access, boat slips and world class amenities. Taller buildings with comfortable condominiums are becoming more common as well.

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Values for home and condominium re-sales are increasing consistently; a property purchased only two years ago turns out to be a wise investment.

American buyers seem to prefer the Dutch side at this time, because on the surface there are similarities to life in the US: English is the common language, power is 110 Volts, the currency is the US-Dollar, the supermarkets carry a large selection of American products, the typical fast food restaurants are ever present, US cable TV is standard. Most importantly: many of the properties have been designed with the American buyer in mind.

French St Martin covers the northern two thirds of the island. Governed from the much larger island of Guadeloupe, St Martin is a fully European territory and follows the same standards and laws as continental France.

The French side has initially been slower in development and retained to this day more of its natural beauty. Both sides of the island depend on each other, and without the attractiveness of the French side, Dutch St Maarten would not be very successful on its own. At the same time, the non-stop entertainment and action of the Dutch side is important to residents of the French side as well.

Citizens of any member state of the European Union can settle and work in St Martin without permission. For foreigners - Americans and Canadians -  owning real estate is no problem at all. Amazingly, English is the first language of most French St Martiners, and American investors will not encounter too many problems in dealing with the administration and public services.

Marinka de Joode and Marianne Finney. "We are the perfect TEAM! We’re friends, business partners and we both LOVE our jobs! We combined our knowledge and strengths to create Dream Beach Vacations Sint Maarten."

Tendal Real Estate N.V. is a corporation formed on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten in the year 1972. To this day, Tendal has remained to be the most prominent and successful realty office on the island. Already in '72, Tendal was assigned as exclusive agent to the largest development at the time - Mullet Bay Resort. This 172 property consisted of 322 2-bedroom units, which were sold individually. For the years to come, the resort turned out to be a superior investment for the owners. Since the early seventies, Tendal has worked with the leading property developments on Sint Maarten.

By providing high quality, dependable service in the St. Maarten real estate market for years since 1983, Sunshine Properties has become the innovative market leader on the island. They have a large, very easy to browse, inventory of properties on their website as well as an information directory The friendly staff is fluent in English, French, Spanish, German.

No matter how small the island's footprint with only 37 square miles is, there is an almost surreal variety of neighborhoods to be found.

Trust Real Estate takes pride in presenting the most complete listing portfolio available. From luxury villas to modestly priced condominiums and family starter homes - Trust Real Estate knows the market in detail.

Founded by local real estate broker Mr. Arun Jagtiani, Island Real Estate Team is the fastest growing agency on the island. This new and energetic company has a combined experience of over 50 years in St. Maarten real estate sales.