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Learn more about the Caribbean's most exciting vacation destination! If you appreciate gourmet food, world class duty free shopping, vibrant nightlife, pristine beaches, year-round warm climate and a cosmopolitan atmosphere with a Caribbean twist, Sint Maarten - Saint Martin is for you!

SINT MAARTEN - SAINT MARTIN provides vacationers the opportunity to enjoy three distinct cultures on one 37 square mile island. There is the delightfulness and soberness of the Dutch on one side, the savoir-faire of the French on the other, and the blending of both with exotic native heritage.

Add dozens of beaches and lagoons, luxury hotels, elegant villas, and over 300 restaurants and you may understand why St. Martin is the most visited of all the Leewards. All the great chefs, European, American, or Asian vie to compete in this gourmet capital of the Caribbean, creating cuisines equal to the best of Paris or New York. Shopping on the island is duty free and casinos, discos and night clubs stay open till dawn. Jumbo jets from world centers land here and charters allow visits to the smaller Leewards. There is something to satisfy every taste on St.Martin ...

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Border Legend or How St. Martin Was Devided

Border Monument

Legend has it that over 350 years ago, the Dutch and the French wished to draw a border on the island in a civilized manner. It was decided that a race should be held to determine how much land each nation could claim.

The French competitor had to follow the coastline to the North, the Dutchman had to walk South. Once they circumnavigated the island and met again, a line would be drawn between the starting point and the meeting point to define the border.

Both men choose beverages according to their culture: the Frenchmen a bottle of Red Wine, the Dutch a bottle of Genever (Dutch Gin). Obviously, quenching one's thirst with Gin will have a more significant negative impact on one's athletic performance than sipping some wine. The Dutch soldier discovered this when he met his more sober French competitor again: His gin induced slow-down cost the Dutch quite some territory. French St. Martin covers now two thirds of the 37 square mile island.

No matter what the legend, the 'Treaty of Concordia' is a realtiy and the oldest, still enforced international treaty - click here to read original text.

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