shopping_pharmacy_800Pharmacies on island follow the rules of the European Community, which are somewhat stricter than in the US.

Medications are only available in pharmacies and shopping there is not done 'super market' style, but the pharmacist has to hand the requested product over the counter – even if it is not an item restricted to prescription.

The good news is that all pharmaceutical products are readily available, with sometimes slightly different brand names for the respective French or Dutch market, but nevertheless the same content.

Many medications are available at much lower prices than in the US and it might be worth stocking up on St. Maarten. It is not necessary to bring a long-term supply of any prescription drug to the island.

125_orange-grove-pharmacyOrange Grove Pharmacy has specialized in the needs of an international clientèle, even offering 24-hour delivery service to any location on island or the cruise ship port.