Detail OCEANE - 4 Bedr. Villa Rent from : $ 586 / day
Detail MONGOOSE RUN - 3 Bedr. Villa Rent from : $ 443 / day
Detail EMVIE - 3 Bedr. Villa Rent from : $ 558 / day
Detail LA SALAMANDRE - 6 Bedr. Villa Rent from : $ 1 ,415 / day
Detail LA PERLA CLASSIC - 1 Bedr. Villa Rent from : $ 1 ,000 / day
Detail CLIFF POINT - 2 Bedr. Villa Rent from : $ 260 / day
Detail BEYOND SEAS - Studio Apart. Rent from : $ 110 / day
Detail AMARYLLIS - 5 Bedr. Villa Rent from : $ 643 / day
Detail MOONRISE - 2 Bedr. Condo Rent from : $ 315 / day
Detail INFINITY VIEW - 4 Bedr. Villa Rent from : $ 325 / day
Detail LA PERLA SKY - 3 Bedr. Condo Rent from : $ 500 / day
Detail SANDYLINE - 6/7 Bedr. Villa Rent from : $ 4 ,215 / day

The colorful and 'quaintly European' town of Marigot is a shopper's delight with its beautifully presented storefronts and local market. The duty free status of the island means you can find a huge variety of tax-free products from around the world here.


For the fashion worshiper you are certain to pick up some unique designs and accessories, as Marigot is renowned for its 'one-off' designer boutiques carrying the latest in Haute Couture from France and around Europe. The main shopping areas are all close together so you don't need to travel far on foot to find some excellent buys.

The center of the shopping district is the Marina Royale which is a fantastic place to explore with its' original clothing and lingerie boutiques as well as colorful souvenir shops.

Many of the outlets are hidden down little alleyways so a sense of exploration is essential for some really unusual bargains. Ralph Lauren, Maxmara, Hermes, Jean Paul Gaultier, Armani, Gucci, Gianfranco Ferre, Versace, Serge Blanco and Hugo Boss are just some of the international 'pret a porter' names you will come across as well as many well known specialized sporting brands.

lange_ALS_02_RL_TOURB_PlM_760_032Rue Charles de Gaulle is a pretty street, which is host to classic gift shops and home accessories as well as some exclusive optical outlets for the latest in designer sunglasses. Although Philipsburg IS the jewelry capital of the Caribbean, you will also find a good selection of jewelers. A leader of the local jewelry scene with a sterling reputation is Jewels by Love, with the company's main store on Rue Charles de Gaulle and another location on Philipsburg's Frontstreet. At Jewels by Love, you will find some of the most exclusive timepieces from legendary manufacturers such as Patek Philippe, Breguet, Vacheron Constantin, A. Lange & Söhne, IWC Schaffhausen, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Ulysse Nardin. And don't miss the amazingly stocked perfumeries and cosmetic stores all located around the main shopping center. In all the main stores, service is personal and friendly and store personnel will be happy to help you make those important purchase decisions.

Le West Indies Mall - Crédit photo JMG-RivaLe West Indies Shopping Mall is another highlight of St. Martin shopping: this elegant shopping paradise features many fashionable stores on two air conditioned levels - all framed by amazing architecture. The mall is located right on the waterfront, across the ferry terminal.

For fresh produce, investigate the local produce market on Wednesday and Saturday mornings - the earlier the better - for fresh fish and seafood and rainbow displays of tropical fruit and vegetables. This is located on the main port road alongside the daily market, which is not to be missed for locally crafted souvenirs and gifts. The colors will astound you as will the friendly vendors who will let you browse through their wares in peace without the 'hard sell' common to vacation shopping! Caribbean colored shirts, dresses and pareos are not only beautiful and well priced, but also essential wear in this climate, and a large array of sun hats will help to stop that nose peeling!

The unhurried and peaceful ambiance in gorgeous surroundings makes shopping in Marigot a true pleasure. Just remember, as in France, many boutiques close for lunchtime so after a hard morning's shopping, do as the French and enjoy a leisurely 2-hour lunch! There are many bistro cafes and restaurants for the weary shopper so make a day of it!

Boat Excursions Around St. Maarten Island

Our turquoise, always warm sea needs to be experienced by boat! There are day charter excursions for every taste, with snorkeling, beach BBQ, even visits to deserted islands. Explore the Caribbean's largest lagoon by piloting your own watercraft on a Rhino Safari. There are remote beaches and fantastic snorkeling spots to be found. READ MORE...

Fitness, Health and Exercise on St. Maarten - Saint Martin

For those who enjoy 'dry land' sporting activities as well as the multitude of water sports on offer, St. Maarten/St. Martin has excellent facilities. Fitness fanatics don't worry, as the island has many well-equipped gyms with a good range of strength training equipment and cardiovascular machines. READ MORE...

Guided Tours & Attractions Around St. Maarten - St-Martin

Book here and save big over island tours offered by the cruise lines! Better rates, small groups (no 50-seater buses!), personable and enthusiastic guides - even free beverages - are just one of several reasons to trust the operators offered through ST-MAARTEN.COM. See all attractions in one island circumnavigation. READ MORE...

Hotels, Resorts and Guesthouses on the island of St. Maarten/St. Martin

St. Maarten/St. Martin is an island that has accommodations to suit almost everybody's budget or dream, right across the spectrum. She boasts everything from 5 star, first class, world-renowned hotels to charming little guesthouses, all-inclusive resorts and time-share properties. READ MORE...


Being one of the most accessible and cosmopolitan islands anywhere, the doors are wide open to not only vacationers, but investors as well. There are many reasons to employ the services of one of the providers mentioned in this section.  READ MORE...

Shopping for Jewelry on St. Maarten

Diamonds! Emeralds! Any kind of precious metal in any shape or quantity... St. Maarten's jewelry shops are among the most competitive in the world and line Philipsburg's fabulous Front Street. Prices are amazingly low and quality is up to international standards, with several of the larger stores having service centers in the US. READ MORE...

Shopping on Dutch Sint Maarten and French Saint Martin

Shopping is one of the big attractions on St. Maarten. The island's completely Duty Free status and the lack of any Red Tape for importing goods, guarantees great bargains for cosmetics, jewelry, liquors, cigars, and much more. Visitors vacationing on the island will be surprised by the excellent supermarkets. READ MORE...

Sint Maarten Visa and Other Travel Requirements

The following text is the complete content of a Travel Guide, published by the Sint Maarten Government in May 2015. This document only applies to Dutch Sint Maarten and NOT to French St. Martin.

Snorkeling and Diving Around St. Maarten - Saint Martin Island

No better way to appreciate the Caribbean Blue than taking a peek at sub-aquatic life. Almost all day charter excursions offer a snorkeling stop. And there are several professional scuba shops on island to either allow you to earn your certification or to go on extended dives. READ MORE...

St. Maarten - St-Martin is the Caribbean Gourmet Island

Known as the "Gastronomic Capital of the Caribbean", St. Maarten/St. Martin offers the widest variety of cuisine of any other island! We boast well over 300 restaurants serving anything from local BBQ ribs and chicken to first class French fare cooked by famous chefs imported for the season from Paris. READ MORE...

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The Beaches of St. Maarten/St. Martin

As hard to believe as it may be, St. Maarten/St. Martin has thirty-seven beaches on its thirty-seven square miles! Whatever your lifestyle or vacation style, if nude or prude, there will certainly be a beach suited to the ambiance you desire. Some great beach bars are actually top dining spots as well. READ MORE...

What's So Special About SXM?

A fact so charming, it always has to be mentioned first: The island of Sint Maarten  - Saint Martin is the smallest land mass in the world to be shared by two different nations. Only 37 square miles are governed by France and Dutch Sint Maarten, which is an independent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands). READ MORE...

Where to Party on Sint Maarten - Saint Martin

St. Maarten/St. Martin comes to life after dark. If you're a night owl, you've chosen the right destination! Take your chances at one of our famous casinos located across the Dutch side of the island. There are innumerable discos, nightclubs and bars on both sides of the island that will have you partying all night long. READ MORE...

Why You Need a Rental Car on St. Maarten/St-Martin

This island is ideal to be explored by rental car! Friendly locals, patient with drivers from abroad, very, very affordable rental rates, an easy road system with little chance to get lost - there is no excuse to NOT get your own wheels while on island. READ MORE...