shopping_michelle_cutoutDiamonds! Emeralds! Any kind of precious metal in any shape or quantity... St. Maarten's jewelry shops are amongst the most competitive in the world and line Philipsburg's fabulous Frontstreet. Prices are amazingly low and quality is up to international standards, with several of the larger stores having service centers in the US.

BALLERINA JEWELERS - Four locations on island >>>
CARIBBEAN GEMS - Family owned with two locations >>>
DIAMONDS INTERNATIONAL - Locations world-wide with Caribbean roots >>>
JEWELS BY LOVE - Fine time-pieces and jewelry >>>
JOE'S JEWELRY INTERNATIONAL - Jewelry and large selection of watches in three locations >>>
MACEY'S INTERNATIONAL JEWELERS  - a friendly, family run store on Front Street >>>
OCEAN JEWELERS - A family operated store on Front Street with an amazing Trip Advisor rating >>>
ORO DIAMANTE - Diamonds and jewelry in the center of town >>>
RAY'S JEWELRY - Well established jeweler with two locations on Front Street >>>
ROYAL CARIBBEAN JEWELERS  - Stores on Frontstreet Philipsburg and at the Flamingo Resort >>>
SHIVA'S GOLD & GEMS - Exclusive jeweler with an amazing inventory of the most elegant jewelry designs >>>
SUPER JEWELERS - Fine jewelry at outlet prices! Frontstreet, Philipsburg >>>

As a matter of fact, the jewelry shopping opportunities are so incredible that they attract experienced buyers to return over and over again to the island for the sole purposes of further bargain hunting.

Almost all brands and designers are to be found. The well informed sales personal will be able to guide visitors to purchases they will not regret, especially once they have their merchandise independently appraised back home.

The jewelers listed on our website are all well established and have an immaculate reputation. Most of them are recommanded by the cruise industry and are members of the Caribbean Gemological Institute.

If you are knowledgable about jewelry and you are browsing on Frontstreet, you will notice that the prices on most pieces are up to 50% below US retail - once you get the final quote from the sales person. Obviously, such enormous savings can't be expexted from world-class, brand-name timepieces, but you will still be able to get a 'best deal'.

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shopping_exclusive-watch_150Havshopping_jewelry_ring_350ing a special passion for "Haute Horlogerie" (the high art of creating master piece watches) is Love Mahtani, operating two "Jewels by Love"-stores on the island. Here you will get very competent advise on the exclusive timepieces the stores carry.

Our sponsor Caribbean Gems has created a jewelry buying guide to assist you in deciding on the best fitting style - please CLICK HERE to continue>>>

Beware of illegally produced replicas of famous watch designs; away from the established jewelry shops (which have a reputation to loose) there are many stores specializing in souvenir items and they openly offer fake golden Rolex or other famous watches.  Its up to you to decide if you are comfortable with a cheap copy of the real thing, but be aware that customs at your home country might snatch these illegally produced and marketed items.