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Prices for any kind of electronic equipment and cameras are very reasonable. The latest gadgets are available in numerous shops lining Philipsburg's Front- and Backstreet.


Your digital camera is running out of memory? You will find any format of flash memory in town. Dropped the I-phone and the screen cracked? Replace it here (and maybe consider a sturdier phone). You are on a Caribbean cruise and regret not having a video camera to record the sights? Get the latest equipment for any format and in any price range.

The stores in Philipsburg are staffed with well trained and very knowledgeable sales people who will give you valuable guidance through the huge selection of products available. Dedicated to the true photography enthusiast are three stores on Philipsburg's Frontstreet, all operated by Chulani's Photography. Chulani's is focusing on top-quality brands such as Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Go-Pro.

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