There is much to do for kids of all ages on our island. Snorkeling and sailing are an exciting adventure for youngster, but not all activities on St. Maarten have to be based on the water. Find some of the children's favorite things-to-do in this article.

Kidsworld is an event and acitivty center for children from ages 1 to 12.  Kids are guaranteed to have fun with all the onsite attractions. Parents can linger and watch or enjoy their day on their own.

The Fly Zone at Loterie Farm
This is one of the most exciting attractions in the Caribbean! Zip lines connect the hundreds of year old trees of the island's private nature reserve and only tropical forest system. Suspended above the ground, you will 'zip' with amazing speed from tree to tree. There are obstacles, such as rope bridges to be mastered. Completing the track can take up to two hours and is a real work out. Great for adults AND children above the age of 8 - 10. For the little ones, there is a special 'Little Tarzan" course prepared. Instructors are explaining procedure and equipment and are monitoring the safety of all participants. Cost is about $40 per person. Especially the Fly Zone at Loterie Farm needs reservations, because many times, large cruise ship groups are occupying the course and 'walk-in' visitors can not be accommodated.

Don't forget to have a meal at the Hidden Forest Cafe, right there at Loterie Farm. It might be the island's best restaurant...

Sailing Lessons
One of the major past times in the Caribbean and especially St Maarten is sailing. After all, St Maarten is home of the Heineken Regatta, the hemisphere's largest sailboat race. The large Simpson Bay Lagoon with its protected and calm waters is the ideal body of water to teach sailing to children. Budget Marine operates a fleet of 24ft boats, but there are also Optimists for rent.

The Butterfly Farm will charm not only kids, but their parents too. A large meshed structures contains a beautiful tropical landscaped garden, exotic flowers and pool with Japanese fish. The atmosphere is tranquil, hypnotic music plays and hundreds of breathtaking butterflies from all over the world fly freely around.

An essential part of the visit to the farm is the famous "guided tour". Visitors are shown the evolutionary cycle from microscopic eggs, to strange and exotic caterpillars, pupae resembling exquisite designer jewelry. If you come early in the morning it is quite possible to see the birth of a butterfly and watch the newly emerged butterflies take their first flight!. The tours are also very amusing and an amazing source of butterfly facts and stories. Guides will show you how to handle the butterflies with care and caterpillars if you dare!

Horses and Ponies
At the Bayside Riding Club, pony rides are available for small l children who are not yet ready to participate at the 2 hour beach rides. Inquire at our Activity Desk at the Atrium Resort in Simpson Bay.

Kung Fu for Kids
At the Princess Country Club - on the premisses of the plush Port de Plaisance Resort and Casino, international Kung Fu competitor Dayna Mota has developed a unique introduction course into traditional Shaolin Kung Fu for kids of all ages.