Staying fit while on vacation is a challenge, especially if 'sand gravity' makes it so difficult to leave the beach. That's why a prearranged schedule with personal trainer Dayana Mota will provide the perfect encouragement to stick to your fitness regime... or to start a new one.

Dayana is available at the island's most beautiful sporting facility, the Country Club at Port de Plaisance. Other locations can be arranged.

Read up on what one of her clients has to say about Dayana:

"If you’ve ever seen Eddie Murphy’s comedy special Delirious, you would have seen a bit he does, in which he explains how a child feels after he’s been disciplined by his mother and is sent to his room. While he has unconditional love for her, he stands behind the door and says “God please kill her” with a laugh. After I work out with Dayana, I think about this skit and how much I hate her and love her at the same time. She laughs it off and says that if I didn’t hate her, she isn’t doing her job. I also hate her because she is right. Nevertheless, I hardly miss a day (except for my staycation) and I love it. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m lazy and not all that into fitness, but working out with Dayana makes me feel empowered and strong.

She’s a crazy, funny girl who was born in Venezuela and grew up in Colombia. She has a fitness training degree with an emphasis in physical therapy and training for injured people (which works in my benefit, since I had knee surgery and that knee has never been the same). Besides all of that, she’s a Shaolin Kung Fu Instructor, and has practiced Shaolin Kung Fu for 18 years, so naturally she’s badass. You can call her Lao Shi Dayana or Ms. Mota if you’re nasty lol. She has represented St. Maarten in China in the Shaolin Kung Fu training for an elite group from around the world for the last 4 years. Everyone in this training was chosen and she explains the experience as a nightmare for 4 to 6 weeks that you have to survive.

I was looking for motivation and I got it. When I punch the bag, she pushes me to keep going. When it’s the last sit-up, burpee, or bicep curl, I have to get it done. (Side note: God, I hate burpees). She laughs at my pain with her silly face letting me know that pain is weakness leaving my body. When I tell her that I had drinks the night before, she gives me enough bicep curls to make it hard for me to lift my glass the next night. We have happy banter in the gym, while I scream out four letter words and other expletives. I also call her a slew of names in between my heavy breathing, but she knows it’s all in fun, because I show up again and again.

Ultimately, it makes me feel great when I double the weight that I used to lift, or when I get through the first set with a breeze, or when I see my triceps muscles forming. Progression is encouraging. If you aren’t moving, then you’re standing still. I hate standing still. I am a warrior..."