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A Classic Sailing Adventure

Fun for the whole family

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a day cruise on an authentic world cruising sailing yacht, with snorkeling stops and other water activities.

Do you wish to be spoiled? Do you want a charming classic sailing yacht, cushioned seats in the sun's rays, but also in the shade, all with a team that is top rated for service as well as safety on the open ocean? Than take a boating adventure with the sailing yacht Random Wind!

Her full-time crew is worldwide qualified and their expertise is clearly demonstrated; guests feel safe, relaxed and cared for.

All charters, both public and private, include full open bar all day featuring top shelf rum, gin, vodka tequila, whiskey, cognac and more. Also offered and included are starters, lunch, dessert and late afternoon hors d'oeuvres. Snorkel equipment, life jackets, noodles and Tarzan Swing are always included. Choose one of these sailing charters for the experience of a lifetime.



Random Wind is a traditional sailing boat; 54 ft length, cutter-rigged ketch and well cared for. Started in Taiwan and finished in South Africa, her strength and craftsmanship are just some of her positive attributes. She circumnavigated the globe} two times and then expected to find retirement in St Maarten... Wrong...! People loved her so much that she was completely overhauled and put into service around the coast of St. Maarten/St. Martin.



Random Wind offers a lot of deck space, both in shade and sun. All seating areas are newly cushioned - they are truly comfy. After a major refit Random Wind now has 3 chill lounges. Every guest has a cushioned seat with a backrest! The new stereo has speakers forward and aft and can play most anything you bring, the life-lines run the length of the boat port and starboard and are serious stainless steel for real safety. Below are three 'staterooms' (nautical talk for bedroom) and two 'heads' (washrooms).

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Good Food and an Open Bar!

crew-dianeFor lunch Diane typically makes Coconut Chicken with rice, which is a bit sweet, mild and savory. If there is a small group or private charter - she may amaze you with something else. She loves cooking and produces most everything from scratch. There is commonly a good green salad and French bread as well as an edible fruit garnish. There are always biscuits and chocolates later. Occasionally not every little thing is available on the island some items may be modified for the day. Diane would like to know of any serious food sensitivities as she sometimes will cook with shrimp, peanuts, etc. While she is not a short order cook and the size of the galley doesn't allow for the preparation of several different meals, it is always best to mention serious food allergies when reserving. She is lacto-ovo vegetarian and will always suit vegetarians as well. Usually for them it is the same as for others but with tofu - so yummy.



The open bar begins the minute you board and doesn't end until you are back on land. They don't push liquor on anyone and believe in drinking sensibly, "to enhance the good time we are already having". The bar features cold beer and sodas, vodka, gin, rum, tequila and many juices and mixers as well as bottled water. Ask for top shelf at no extra cost. Others say Random Wind has the coldest beer in SXM!


No Crowd on This Ship!

Check out the Paradise Day Sail or enjoy the boat for the day all to yourselves on a private charter with your family and/or friends !! They can take up to 22 but like to keep it to 16-18. You will never feel like one of the crowd with Random Wind -- because there never is a crowd.



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Meeting Point (at Skipjack's Restaurant)

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