A Caribbean vacation just wouldn't be complete without going to a beach party! With 37 beaches, there is always some excitement to be found when the sun goes down.

If you are lucky enough to be here during a full moon, check out the famous 'Kali's Full Moon Party' at his bar/restaurant on Friars Bay. This is a really special event attended by hundreds of people, local and vacationers alike. Local bands set the ambiance with live Reggae music. There is nothing to compare with dancing under the full moonlight to strains of Caribbean music, and at midnight, in good tradition, Kali himself lights the giant bonfire on the beach. Be prepared for a long night as the party often goes on into the early hours of the morning!

Orient Beach is a popular beach party destination with many of the beach bars/restaurants hosting special events throughout the winter season.  Towards the southern end of Orient Beach, Pedro's is a fun place for Reggae and other Caribbean music performed by local bands, from the late afternoon to evening on most days. There is a great ambiance and a non-stop BBQ grill for hungry dancers!

Orient Beach is also home to some ultra-chic beach bars, which add to the island's nightlife with frequent late-night parties. At places like Palm Beach or Waikiki Beach, the parties start while the tropical sun is burning with full noon-power until it blends seamlessly through sunset into nightlife. Djs play anything from mellow lounge tunes to the latest European techno hits.

Around Heineken Regatta time (March) Kimsha beach turns into a giant dance floor! Events are generally well advertised but you can always call ahead for details and schedules.

So party people, feel the sand between your toes and the rhythm of the Caribbean through your body as you dance the night away under the tropical stars!