Open for business! That is how Sint Maarten is best described. The international business community is welcomed with open arms, and the foreign investor will not be subject to difficult regulations - as they are common on other Caribbean islands.


10. Save and stable democratic governments on both the French and Dutch side of the island;

9. Good history of real estate values: steady increase of market value;

8. Good telecommunications with broadband Internet connections available everywhere from competing suppliers;

7. Good business climate with open legislation, allowing foreign investors to operate without mandatory local partners (as in many other Caribbean countries);

6. No customs duties on imported items, no red tape of any kind: bring your car, furniture and more without high cost;

5. Legal residency on the island can be arranged with low effort;

4. Attractive offshore solutions available with several offshore banking centers only 15 air minutes away;

3. Fantastic infrastructure with two international airports and some of the world's best marinas, creating a prime destinations for the international jet-set;

2. A growing real estate market with international appeal, even riding out the US economic problems;

1. An exciting and open investment climate with various incentives for international investors;