Paradise Car Rental can rightly claim to be one of the leading rental car suppliers on St. Maarten with a company history of almost three decades. 

With a fleet of modern and professionally maintained cars of all categories, Paradise can serve the needs of the budget minded traveler as well as the ones in search of upscale transportation.




Airport Rental Booth


Very competitive rates


Excellent business ethics


Modern, well maintained fleet with broad selection



Hyundai i10 Economy Car Mustang Convertible

All cars are equipped with automatic transmissions, strong air-conditions and decent radios. The smallest model, the Hyundai i10 is great transportation for a couple and still okay for shorter trips with four adults. But if you'd like to explore the island in style, why not go for a Mustang Convertible or a Jeep Wrangler.

We asked some experienced St. Maarten – St. Martin visitors about their rental car priorities:

steve-jane-600Question: “Janet and Mike, you are coming to the island for many years now, and most of the times you have rented from Paradise. What is important for you when renting a car?”  

Mike: “Money!” he laughs and adds: “ The rate got to be competitive.”
Janet: “And I need a reliable and clean car.”
Mike: “Let me explain what I mean by competitive rate: I don't need to pay the lowest price ever advertised, only to get a dangerous clunker of a car. Give me a somewhat new and well maintained vehicle at reasonable cost and I'm happy.”
Janet: “Because he learned it the hard way. Boy, was I upset with him! A few years ago, he tried to save a few bucks and rented elsewhere. First, a tire blew at night in the middle of nowhere, no spare tire AND they tried to charge us later for the tire which was so worn down that you could see the wires sticking out.”
Mike:“Yeah, I realized a bit late that a ruined evening on a short vacation is not worth the five bucks I might be saving by renting a piece of crap. Anyway, we also learned that if we add the typical cost of one nice dinner, we could actually get a luxury car for the whole week instead of some basic economy transportation.”
Janet: “We needed a while to realize it, but car rental rates in Sint Maarten are so low, there is no reason NOT to get a nice car. We don't blink twice ordering a bottle of good wine in our favorite Grand Case restaurant, why shouldn't we go for a comfortable car?”

Question: “Besides the car, are there any other aspects to consider?

Janet: “I don't want to be stuck with paper work for hours. We have a long flight to get here, and I need to get my wheels as soon as I'm leaving the airport.”
Mike:“Yep. That's her impatient side. Don't ever let Janet wait, its not going to be pretty. But with Paradise, there is the rental station right there in the Arrival Hall of the airport and they get the formalities done with a minimum of fuzz. Even Janet can handle that.”
Janet (rolling her eyes at him): I'm not THAT bad... Anyway, Paradise has a bunch of nice people working and that's kind of important too. They treat you right, they deal straight with you and they care that you have a great experience on the island.”
Mike: “So... now that we said all these nice things about Paradise Car Rental... do we really get that free upgrade to a Hummer?”

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