It's about service. This separates a privately owned car rental company from the big franchises. Personalized attention to each client at best rates. Enjoy your stay on St Maarten now, but come back again, and the folks at Travel Rent-a-Car will remember you, greet you and know your preferences.


Travel Rent A Car

VIP Airport Service and Free Delivery Anywhere!

Travel Rent-a-Car is the only company SANITIZING their vehicles! As much as you expect fresh sheets in your hotel, Steve believes a rental car should also be clean and hygenic. If hygene is important to you, Travel is the right car rental agency for you!

Like other established rental car providers, they have a fleet of new vehicles, the models chosen to perform well on the island's roads. But they take special pride in the maintenance of their cars. Owner Steve says: " We own the cars, we like our cars and we want to see them running well and healthy!"

The office is located so close to the airport that you could enjoy a cool drink on the veranda of Travel Rent-a-Car until you see your plane landing and only than proceed to the terminal.

Travel Rent-a-Car doesn't pay franchise fees, advertises modestly and the headquarter is not glitzy. This is how they are able to offer low rates and that's why you save by renting from Travel Rent-a-Car.

BOOK NOW! You will only be charged a small deposit to lock in your reservation at the low prices offered. The balance will be due at the time you pick up your vehicle. If you choose additional options such as insurances, you will be charged at pick-up as well.


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