St. Maarten's Home of the Cruising Sailor


For decades, Lagoonies Bar & Café has been the preferred hang-out and watering hole of the sailing community. Located right on the shore of Simpson Bay Lagoon at Lagoon Marina, it is a tiny bit off the beaten path for land based visitors, but definitely worth the extra minute of driving from Simpson Bay to Cole Bay.

The open-air waterfront restaurant and lively bar offers a surprisingly refined dining experience at very reasonable prices.

Lagoonies is the unique chance for vacationers to rub shoulders with true adventurers and circumnavigating sailors. Located in the center of the island's yachting industry, this is where it is all happening for the cruising community; for the landlubber, Lagoonies offers access to the world of globe-trotting sailors. For the sailing enthusiast, considering the cruising lifestyle, it might be a chance to listen to the tales the veterans have to tell of hurricanes, broken masts and other mishaps (and to get sufficiently discouraged to attempt crossing oceans unprepared).