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Much has changed on the island of St. Maarten - St-Martin since the passing of Hurricane Irma on September 6th, 2017. This particular page hasn't been updated yet with new photos and information. Please understand that details of the information presented on this page are not reflecting the current status. 

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Great food is the least we expect from a restaurant. Ambiance, service, other guests.. all is part of a dining experience. But where are the places on St. Maarten/St. Martin which offer an additional, unusual twist? Something you can't expect in a regular eatery? Read up on our list to find out!

 1. Take a Pub Crawl Cruise at night on Simpson Bay Lagoon and visit several waterfront restaurants and bars. The power catamaran Celine leisurly cruises through the calm waters of the Lagoon, the bar is open and top-shelf drinks flow freely. At each stop, guests will experience a food specialty of the restaurant visited. READ MORE HERE >>>

2. Host a cooking event at your vacation villa with German master chef Christian Wolfes, the man who brought 'show cooking' to the island. Enjoy gourmet food and watch the chef while it is being prepared. READ MORE HERE >>>

3. Swim up bar at Jimbo's Rock & Blues Cafe - Featuring a CaribMex blend of dishes, Jimbo's is a long established institution on St. Maarten. Great music and food aside, what sets Jimbo's apart is the swim-up bar: enter the pool, swim up to the bar and enjoy your drinks - or even take you meal while you sit on the under-water bar-stool. READ MORE HERE >>>

4. Nude dining at Papagayo Restaurant - Not in the mood today to wear any clothes while eating in a restaurant? On this island, we have a solution: just come to Papagayo's, the restaurant of the island's naturist resort Club O on Orient Beach. At lunch time it is open to the public. Just walk all the way to the Southern end of Orient Beach - you can't miss it.

5. Eat anywhere with Feisty Flavors - The restaurant is your hotel room, your rental car or your beach chair... but the cooking is done by Sherlyn Montclair, who will deliver a home cooked meal to any location on the island you request. Sherlyn's is showing her passion for cooking by featuring that special blend of Caribbean dishes which are common in SXM households. With influences from Jamaica to Trinidad, Guyana and Surinam, the variety of authentic 'local' food is amazing. READ MORE HERE >>>

6. Adult dining... There is a consensus amongst island residents that the best Chinese food can be found in an unmarked building in the island's red light district. The building also serves as an adult entertainment location, so don't be surprised if ladies in rather daring outfits are sharing the dining room with you. Club Carolina is located on Soualiga Road, at the corner to Pendant Cactus Road. Use Google Maps or Open Street Map to navigate.