Royal Caribbean Jewelers eschews big brands and phalanxes of sales staff in favor of a laid-back, relaxed family-run affair dealing in diamond jewelry and loose diamonds.


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Royal Caribbean Jeweler Deepak SamtaniSometimes St Maarten is refreshingly honest about what it sets out to achieve. “People see something back home and come to SXM to snap it up at a better price,” says Deepak Samtani, owner of Royal Caribbean Jewelers, which has stores on Front Street, and at Divi Little Bay resort and Flamingo Beach Resort.

Launched in 1996, Royal Caribbean Jewelers eschews big brands and phalanxes of sales staff in favor of a laid-back, relaxed family-run affair dealing mainly in diamond jewelry and loose diamonds.

Right now, colored diamonds are all the rage. The presence of tiny amounts of nitrogen adds a yellow (the rarest) or chocolate tint, while artificial irradiation gives a blue diamond.

While the island’s jewelry stores have all taken a hit in recent years, Royal Caribbean Jewelers has weathered the storm, particularly with visitors from the UK where the pound is strong.

“Diamonds are value for money and a good investment,” says Deepak. “People work hard and want to spend their money on something that keeps its value. A car depreciates, stocks plummet and the real estate bubble burst. Diamonds don’t crash.”

The typical customer comes to the store through word of mouth. “People relax around the hotel pool and compare prices. You can’t keep good deals quiet,” Deepak acknowledges. “Often they see something in a magazine which they like, but don’t want to pay the price tag that comes with a Tiffany or Cartier hallmark, for example.”

While the newest Prada bag is old within a season and the latest rapper-endorsed jewelry line burns brightly but briefly, diamond, gold and silver stand their ground. “Silver and gold are sold by weight,” says Deepak. “These metals can’t be imitated like fake designer clothing brands. The customer gets the design he wants without the cost of the brand.” Often, the mark-up can be as much as 100% for a diamond bracelet or precious metal piece, but the investment should be in the substance not the style.

Royal Caribbean Jewelers’ other strength is in bespoke jewelry designs. Couples celebrating a milestone anniversary can trade in their existing ring for an upgrade, adding on a further band of diamonds, for example. Similarly, jewelry that has lost a gemstone or two can be restored to its former glory without breaking the bank.

It is no secret that St Maarten offers a significantly cheaper jewelry market than the US, Europe and other Caribbean islands. Duty Free, low taxes and relatively low overheads, as well as stern competition along the strip, mean that savings can be passed on to the customer.

Pick a style, head along to Royal Caribbean Jewelers, and take your time finding a match at a price you couldn’t have imagined.

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Main Location:
86B Frontstreet
Sint Maarten

Divi Little Bay:
Shopping Arcade
Divi Resort
Sint Maarten

Phone: 1 721 542-8250
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.