THE BUSINESS POINT offers all solutions for staying on our Caribbean island, but having access to the conveniences of the US, Canada and Europe. Bypassing inefficient local postal services and unreliable and expensive telecoms and through a reasonably prices membership mail, online orders, etc. will be available almost as fast as for delivery in the US. THE BUSINESS POINT assists its clients also in any other business related task.


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THE BUSINESS POINT is an institution on the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten - Saint Martin, established now for several decades.

Conveniently located at the Simpson Bay Yacht Club and therefore right in the hub of many yachting activities, visiting boats will find THE BUSINESS POINT to be the No. 1 solution for

  • Staying in touch with home
  • Checking email and other Internet services
  • Receiving mail
  • Receiving courier dispatches
  • Having boat parts shipped from the US -  fast and cost efficient
  • Sending mail via US Postal Service...

... and much, much more!

Frequent visitors to the island have learned that THE BUSINESS POINT is key to building a home base in the Caribbean. No interruption of your business life needed while you enjoy time at the beach...

  • if all mail is forwarded to St. Maarten within a few days
  • with a US-number phone answering service available
  • by having your own US-postal address (with immediate forwarding to St. Maarten)

And all this for amazingly low fees. You see, decades of experience created the kind of services travelers really need. Based on this experience, a strong service infrastructure has been build, now with rates so low that everyone will be able to afford to a membership.