It's no false hype: Grand Case IS the culinary capital of the Caribbean! This charming village on the northern coast of St. Martin is home to an amazing number of restaurants, ranging from basic local eateries to temples of 'Haute Cuisine' of almost every nationality.


There are also several boutique resorts on the beach, with the established Grand Case Beach Club at the Eastern-most end.

The main road follows the beach and is lined on both sides with restaurants. Intense competition guarantees the highest standards of service, the best quality in food preparation and a world class depth to the wine lists. With new chefs and ideas coming annually from Europe, Grand Case continues to expand its world-renowned reputation and is definitely not to be missed.

The beach side establishments offer breathtaking views while you dine whilst the 'landlocked' competitors make it up with cozy and artistic interior designs.

For a fast meal, an evening on a budget, or just to sample local food dishes, the 'Lolos' in the center of town are popular with residents and tourists alike. With a truly Caribbean ambiance and excellent freshly grilled seafood, these simple beach side restaurants are essential to the Caribbean dining experience.

After dinner eclectic bars and small nightclubs complete the entertainment. If you need sand between your toes while sipping a tropical cocktail and listening to live music (frequently jazz), enjoying a view of sail boats swaying at anchor while the sun sets over the Caribbean Sea, Calmos Café might be the perfect spot for you.

Mixed in with Restaurant Row are several boutiques and art galleries, which provide for a colorful and interesting after dinner stroll along Grand Case Boulevard.

If you cannot make a decision from the immense collection of 'palate paradises' why not take a pre-dinner walk through the rich aromas of Grand Case. Enjoy your meal!