Our island might be tiny in size, but everything needed for a sophisticated lifestyle is available.

Especially the selection of cigars is fantastic, with all the famous Cuban brands available - legally. There are liquor shops catering to the most exotic tastes, and the Adult Toy Box will help finding that pleasing... toy.

There are 'Home Depot'-style and size home improvements stores, there is a 'Cosco'-style wholesale/retail store and there are several furniture shops - all there to outfit that new beachfront residence you just bought.

As the commercial hub of the Lesser Antilles, St. Maarten's car dealerships are absurdley oversized for the local market: not only are most of the Japanese and Korean brands represented, along with the European manufacturers Citroen, Renault, Peugot and Volkswagen, but even BMW and Mercedes have dealerships!

Whatever products are not available on the island can be ordered in the US and will be shipped down within days: this is true for orders from Amazon as well as all the way to used cars from Miami. As the island has no customs, there is zero red tape and very little cost to live a lifestyle similar in convenience as living in the US.

Any visit to the Antillean islands is a sensual experience and what better way than to capture the Caribbean spirit (pun intended) with a bottle of local rum?

That's why Topper's Rhum is the ideal souvenir to take home from your visit to Sint Maarten: produced right here on island, this award winning rum comes in many exciting flavors and can be enjoyed in mixed drinks or straight up.

The Topper's Rhum distillery offers now guided tours of their facility - and the tour includes unlimited rum tasting! Tour-guide Dave is explaining many fascinating details about the challenges of producing a world-class product on a tiny island such as St. Maarten. The 90 minute presentation goes through the complete production and bottling process. A visit to the small test lab lets visitors taste some of the experimental blends, which have not found their way to the market yet.

The highlight comes at the end of the tour: Dave opens the official 'Rhum Tasting' session by offering samples of all flavored Rhums produced. The price of the tour for only $24 pp can't be beat, especially considering that the tasting is an 'all you can drink' affair.

This is a great tour for visitors who like to experience something off the beaten path. The operation is located in one of the island's commercial districts, a circumstance which also allows a glimpse into the working life of the locals.

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Have you heard about Topper's Restaurant and Bar in Simpson Bay? This restaurant is a long-time favorite of island visitors and a lively night spot as well.

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Right between Orient Bay and the gourmet village of Grand Case (at a commercial center called Hope Estate) is Grapewine, an exclusive Wine Cellar and Gourmet shop. The store offers a large choice of French wines and champagnes, chosen by the owner and imported directly from France. You will find at Grapewine a fantastic selection of aged rhums and Scotch whiskeys and also famous brands of spirits like the Beluga vodka.

Products range from a wide variety of pleasure toys to sexy fashion. Pat made it real easy for clients to get an overview of the products the stores carry: just check out the Adult Toy Box online shop and browse through the extensive catalog. For island visitors, if needed a discreet delivery to the hotel could be arranged, by calling the stores number.

Princess Promenade at St. Maarten's Princess Juliana International Airport offers a premium shopping experience for travelers. On almost 11,000 square feet of walk-through retails space, they can browse through an extensive selection of world-class liquors, tobacco products, leather goods - even fashion jewelry and accessories are available. Gourmet items and selected sweets complete the product range.

For decades now, Cake House Bakery & Supermarket has served the residents of St. Maarten as a preferred source for groceries and baked goods. The company went through many phases since its humble beginnings, and the “The Cake House Story” is worth reading; the history of Cake House Bakery & Supermarket demonstrates why this island is special – different from most other places in the world.