Only five miles off St. Martin's Northern coast, the 35 square mile British island of Anguilla shares many cultural and family ties with its neighbor. Discovered in 1495 by Christopher Columbus, Anguilla's main source of income for many years was derived from its salt ponds until tourism and offshore investment became highly more lucrative businesses. 

Anguilla is a land of soft rolling hills and picture perfect, expansive and empty beaches. In fact, it is said that the beaches of Anguilla are some of the best in the Caribbean, largely undeveloped and absolutely pristine. Several upscale resorts occasionally attract celebrities, who manage to relax on this quiet island without too much public attention.

The island with its 9,700 residents is again part of the United Kingdom, after it was made a separate British Dependent Territory in December of 1980, following years of negotiations to escape a politically undesirable union with the nation of St. Kitts and Nevis. Anguilla uses the Eastern Caribbean Dollar although the US Dollar is widely accepted. Remember that cars drive on the left as they do in England!

Anguilla Ferry and Charter Service departs from Simpson Bay and across from Princess Julicana Airport several times per day. In addition, ferries leave from Marigot every forty minutes for the twenty-minute ride to Anguilla. Private chartes are also avaialble which would allow you to explore some of the uninhabited islets close by. If you prefer to fly, several daily flights take off and land again within 10 minutes! Don't forget to bring your passport.