As prudent website publishers, we frequently have to analyze the access logs of ST-MAARTEN.COM. That's how we find out how YOU found us. And it is amazing how creative the general public is in spelling the name of our little island. Even public institutions can't agree on how to spell Sint Maarten.

The dual identity of our island causes confusion about the correct spelling of the name: the Dutch side as part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is correctly called "Sint Maarten", the French side "Saint Martin". But there are all imaginable miss spellings around; even Air France flies to Sint Marteen. Also popular (leaving out the repetitive acronym for Saint) is Maartens, Maartin, Marten, Marteens, Martins and Martens, or the very creative Martaan, Martan. Some folks like to combine the names into StMaarten/StMartin.

The Dutch side's capital is Philipsburg, with a single 'l', not Phillipsburg and the popular tourist attraction Loterie Farm also uses only one 't', not the spelling of Lottery or Lotterie.